Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Delicious Rawness

Finally, I got around to making kale chips...
I don't know what took me so long.  I used a recipe from my dear twitter friend @28cooks and they turned out fabulous!!!
Cheezy Kale Chips

Also made corn tostados...
Soft Corn Tortilla pg. 172
Ani Phyo "Raw Food Essentials"
Topped with "Nacho" Cheeze, lettuce, tomato and guacamole...Very tasty!!!

Of course I've been dehydrating the regulars...macaroons, corn chips, flax crackers and more macaroons.
I also like to take this time to share a few things that I think are just great.  First is this delicious new drink called a "Happy Shake"...
The Happy Shake
If you haven't heard of it or haven't tried it I recommend that you give a try...I promise you will not be disappointed.  The recipe can be found at  It is so scrumptious!!!
The next couple of things that I am sharing have nothing to do with dehydrating or raw food, I am sharing because I think they are great...
Cool cup given to me by a co-worker! Love it!

Filled with my Happy Shake

Another gift given to me are these cool socks...
I know, I know, they don't match.  But, they aren't supposed to match.  My dear friend Tatiana, who coordinates her scrubs everyday with matching hair bow, necklaces and earrings wears these crazy socks everyday...well, she was my "Secret Santa" and she got me several pair of these cool socks.  They can be found at  How fun are they??!!

Other things happening in my kitchen...
Raw Lasagna
Key Lime Pie

And a really good bottle of wine!!!

Make It With Love!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Dehydrator Part II

I am addicted to my dehydrator...There, I said it!  OK, now on to the goodies...

I pretty much made more of the same crackers that I did last week with the addition of these...
Mexican Flax Cracker...Courtesy of @28cooks  Bursting with delicious flavor!

The next recipe I tried came from ChoosingRaw...
Carrot Falafel with Tahini Sauce(using carrot pulp) Lots of flavor and I love Tahini sauce

What a great idea and recipe for leftover carrot pulp from juicing.  I'm always looking for more juice pulp recipes so if you find any please share.

Next up...
Cinnamon Raisin "Toast" courtesy of Rawmazing served with a creamy almond butter spread(courtesy of the Hubby)  Perfect with morning tea!

I have to admit that this website has become one of my go to websites for Rawfood recipes, check it out.  

Another tasty recipe from Rawmazing
Mushrooms Walnut Veggie Burger...mouthwatering!!!

I finished up the weekend making crepes.  Two different recipes used.  First one from Rawmazing
Banana Crepes, not the best photo, but the combination of lemon and banana works extremely well together.  This recipe is very simple.  My only advice is do not let them stay in the dehydrator too long or you will have banana tacos, like I did.  Filled with a delicious cashew cream sauce.

The other recipe I used came from Ani Phyos book Raw Food Essential, page 69.
Apple Crepes, again not the best photo...but very tasty.  Again filled with cashew cream.  Hubby preferred these and I preferred the banana ones.

And I ended this fabulous weekend with Nachos...
Raw Corn Chips with Cashew Sour Cream, guacamole, and "Nacho" Cheese.

See, I told you that I was addicted to my dehydrator...

Happy New Year!!!!!

Make it With Love!!!