Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Little of This and a Little of That

I'de like to begin this post by saying...As we reflect, watch the videos and listen to Heavy D's music, listen for what you will not hear...the cursing, the misogyny, drug pushing, gang affiliation and the advocation of killing those within our community!  May his music live on!!! R.I.P. Heavy D

Now...this is what I've been up to lately...

Brunch on Sunday with my BFF and her Mother-In-Law at one of my favorite places, Great Sage.  I love taking non-vegans to my favorite vegan spots and I love it more when they enjoy their food and say that they will be back.  I had the cheesy broccoli quiche and an espressotini...Both Amazing!!!!

The BFF had the breakfast burrito...which she loves!
I do love Sunday Brunches.

My new obsession is Love Street Living Foods Chocolate Coconut Spread which I eat with a banana...

Got to work on Monday and one of my co-workers was complaining of a sore throat...Unfortunately it's that time of year.  Something that I saw on Twitter came to mind..."Citrus Detox".  I could not wait to get home to make this for myself...
Juiced oranges, grapefruits and lemons...Down the hatch!
And a big spinach salad with lots of fruits and veggies for dinner with my killer dressing on it!
The dressing...1/3c Amino Acid, 2tbs Toasted Sesame Oil, 4tbs Nooch, 1tbs Agave, 3/4c Olive Oil
Used sparingly this dressing is so delicious.  Also good on soba noodles and broccoli too.

Think I've found a new dynamic duo...
Oh yea baby!!!!

One final note.  Can someone tell me why the baby toe always comes out of the toe socks??????

Make it With Love!