Sunday, October 23, 2011

More with Happy Herbivore and a Girly Beer

Beginning this blog with the Black Bean Burger(pg 86).  I am going to be totally honest here.  I am not a big fan of beans.  Nothing against her recipes that call for beans, I'm just not that into them.  I may be the only vegan that does not like green all!!!!   Ok, now that we have that clarified.  I followed the recipes exactly and I must say that this burger was so full of flavor.  My mouth was not over powered by the beans which is usually the case in most bean burgers.  I did leave it in the oven for an additional 2 minutes so that the outside would be extra crisp.  Pleasantly surprised! Once again The Happy Herbivore has outdone herself.

And what goes with a burger better than Baked Onion Rings...
(pg 176)
Truly, the picture does not do these Onion Rings justice.  I followed the recipe exactly.  They were crispy on the outside, and the onion was perfectly soft on the inside.  Great flavoring on the batter.  They held together very well when taken out of the oven and off of the cookie sheet.  A little messy on the fingers when making them but they were well worth it.

Strawberry Cupcake(pg216)
Vanilla Icing(pg225)
When making my dessert for this post, I had every intention of making the chocolate cupcakes.  My mouth was totally set on making them.  Had all the ingredients except the chocolate non-dairy milk, so I made these instead.  I followed the recipe exactly, except for the icing was a little runny.  The cupcake was moist and had great flavor.  I think the fact that I had my heart set on the chocolate cupcake this one just did not fit the bill for me tonight.  Don't get me wrong it is an awesomely good cupcake but sometimes a girl needs her feel me?  42 recipes done!

Make it With Love!

P.S. A really good beer for Chicks...low fat, low carb and a pink carton that looks like a purse.

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