Monday, September 12, 2011

Lynne and Lyndsay???

My new adventure...Cooking my way through the  Happy Herbivore cookbook.  That's over 175 recipes!  Am I up for this challenge?  I think so.  Why this cookbook? Why this challenge?  Well, this cookbook because it's 100% vegan, it's fat free and low fat, and the first few recipes that I have tried have been delicious and husband approved(I'm still working on making him vegan).   This challenge because I needed something to motivate me to blog again.  One of my favorite movies is "Julie and Julia".  When I got my Happy Herbivore cookbook in the mail I joked about doing a "Julie and Julia" spin on this book calling it "Lynne and Lyndsay".  Since that day I couldn't stop thinking about here it goes.  I couldn't figure out a time limit for myself because I will be doing most of my cooking on the weekends...I will try and knock out at least 5 recipes a longer than 6 months.

I begin my journey with breakfast...
Tofu 18, Breakfast 140, 38

This was my first experience with tofu, followed the recipe exactly.  Added green and red peppers and mushrooms.  It was flavorful...the hubby enjoyed (He has been missing scrambled eggs, I think I found a good substitute).  I'm not a big fan of green peppers so I only ate a little.  I will be making this again leaving out the green peppers.
The breakfast sausage was oh so good.  Again, I followed the recipe adding a little more maple syrup as the recipe said to do it you like your sausage extra sweet.  I did not add the liquid smoke but I can see how adding it would make the sausage even more delish...will add next time.
The biscuits were easy to make and were yummy.  Again, hubby approved.   His only question was are they supposed to be this ugly?  I explained that the recipe said to drop the dough by spoonfuls and this is what they look like.  Maybe I'll try to make them prettier next time...Not!  They were darn good! 49

The cornbread tasted as good as non-vegan cornbread.  So scrumptious I had it for breakfast the next day along with the leftover breakfast sausage.

My last recipe for this blog will be the black bean brownies...Page 209

I had my doubts about this recipe.  I just could not wrap my mind around a brownie with black beans, but I was intrigued and had to give them a try...I will not skip any recipe in this book...unless there is one with green beans...I HATE green beans...OK, back to these brownies.  I again followed the thing I did not follow was the part of the recipe where she says let the brownies completely cool.  I ate a warm black bean brownie...All I will say about this is let these brownies cool completely.  A totally different taste...They are chocolatey and cake like.  Took them to work for some co-workers to try and they agreed...These are surprisingly good!  I only wish I had a better picture...Think I'll eat one now.
Remember to Make it With Love...5 recipes down 170 or so to go!


  1. Hey Lynne. Keep up the good work. We all need a great Vegan cookbook and yours will be +AAAA and more. You are a natural wonderful cook anyway. The world is waiting for your Vegan cookbook" From Joann

  2. Hi Lynne, I am new to your blog and I am extremely thrilled you decided to keep posting. You have introduce me to some new foods and encouraged me to continue on this path. I fall off sometimes when it comes to eating vegan but I get right back up. I agree with Joann the world is waiting for your Vegan cookbook---Yvette