Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Adventures Continue

I must begin this post saying that I went to the DC VegFest this weekend.  My first time attending a vegan festival.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  But most important I devoured one of the best raw meals that I have ever had.  Courtesy of Khepra Anu.  It was everything that I want a raw dinner to be.  It was Ambrosia on a plate...

Now...more Adventures this week with Happy Herbivore....
Tempeh Joes(page 111)
As you can probably tell I did not use tempeh. Hubby ("C") doesn't care too much for tempeh.  I used a low fat vegan ground beef.  Also, instead of brown rice I used quinoa.  I used all of the other ingredients exactly.  Not quite sure what to expect because I have never had a Sloppy Joe before.  I put mine on a lettuce wrap and the above photo was C's sandwich.   Man, had I known Sloppy Joe's were this good I would have had one a long time ago.   The flavors mixed very well together creating a savory and fulfilling meal.

Oatmeal Cookies(page 205)
Followed the recipe exactly(well not exactly, I added vegan chocolate chips)  creating a chewy and sweet treat.   I baked them for 12 minutes.  Next time I think I will bake them for the full 15 minutes.  They were actually a bit too soft to my liking.  Baking the additional 3 minutes may help that.  My co-workers loved them!

Meatball Sub(page 109)
Followed the recipe exactly for the Meatless ball(page 165).  This recipe is so simple that C thought that I had purchased the meatless balls ahead of time.  He was shocked to learn that I made them.  I use my favorite Trader Joe's marinara.   The meatballs had a great Italian flavor and the added marinara sauce made the sub perfect!

Pancakes(page 28)
I'm not very good at photographing pancakes as you can tell.  I followed the recipe exactly.  These pancakes were very fluffy and pretty good.  I must show you the  photo of the first pancake I made.

Me, being the impatient person that I am, did not wait to see the batter produce the small bubbles that the recipes says.  This is what happened.  I waited for the others :).

Chocolate Chip Cookies(page 203)
When I made these cookies C said, "Scones again?"  Ha ha, very funny.  I followed the recipe.  These cookies were moist and chewy right out the oven.  The next day they tasted more cake like.  I thought I could fool a meat eating friend of mine with these cookies...didn't happen.  He knew something was missing.  He IS a cookie connoisseur.  

And to finish this weekend...
Banana bread(page 47)
I tasted this bread when it was warm and right out of the oven...Again, following the recipe exactly.  It was moist and flavorful.  The outer layer was firm and had a good crunchy texture.  My mouth was happy!

26 recipes down!

Remember to Make it with Love!

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