Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cheeseburger and Paradise

I'm a vegan and I want a burger.  I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Gardein's Beefless Burger.   I've seen a number of pictures and read many reviews on Twitter from my vegan friends about this burger.  I even went as far as emailing the company to see when the burger was going to reach my area.  They answered saying that it would be the end of June...OK, I'll wait.  But in the mean time what do I do about my burger  craving???   I tried a few vegan burgers.  None really to my liking.  I was putting all my faith in Gardein.  Why you ask?  Because they have not disappointed me yet with their meatless options.   In my every day diet I try to maintain my high rawness, but sometimes a girl needs a piece of meat, fake meat that is.  And this is one of those times where I needed a good vegan burger and I intended to hold out until this burger arrived to MD.

Friday I was at my favorite restaurant, Great Sage, enjoying a bite to eat before grocery shopping.  I was talking to one of the employees and they informed me that,

The wait was over....
Roots Market now has the burger!!!!!  Let me tell you, I could not finish my lunch fast enough.  Walked over to Roots and got my burgers!!!!!   Surprisingly, I didn't eat a burger that day.  I called my BFF, who was ending her 10 Raw Food Challenge, invited her over for some veggie burgers with all the fixins on Saturday.

Saturday began with a workout and a trip to the farmers market...can't make a burger without fresh tomatoes.  Also picked up some green tomatoes...Let the grilling begin.
When I said all the fixins, I meant all the fixins.  On this delectable burger is lettuce, tomato, onion, grilled green tomato, cheddar style Daiya cheese, and Vegenaise. And I mustn't forget the pickles that I made myself.  All of this was sandwiched between an Ezekiel bun.  

When I say this burger was worth the wait, I mean it was worth the wait.  It was substantial and full of  flavor.   It was everything that I had hoped it would be.  Notice that I didn't even take my apron off to eat it.  I ate the entire burger standing up.  I truly had a moment with that there burger!!!

And it didn't stop there.  I had a burger for lunch today and another for dinner...Don't judge me :-).

Tomorrow...smoothie for breakfast and kale salad for lunch.

I think I can speak for vegans everywhere when I say, Thank you Gardein for your gratifying products!


  1. BlackCinemaAtLargeJuly 12, 2011 at 7:13 AM

    yes, i have been using the beefless tips for quite some time in stews, as a sidedish, on other beefless like product comes close! now i am really excited to try the burger, though i don't think anything can replace my favorite burgers from Quorn, which are made with fungi. sounds gross i know, but found it's actually huge mushrooms...delicioso!

  2. BlackCinemaAtLargeJuly 12, 2011 at 7:16 AM

    btw, just saw quorn uses egg whites as a binder, so it's not vegan...c'est la vie :-(

  3. These burgers are the best I've eaten...By far!!!!

  4. I just love this post!! Those burgers are super tasty, I first had them right off the grill at an all vegan barbeque, yum!! I love your posts because you show all the ingredients you use, explain what you do and in this one we get to see you enjoying the outcome :) Keep up the good work and please get me a post for Great Sage!!