Friday, May 27, 2011

The Lonely Vegan

Are you the only vegan that you know?  Do people assume that all you need to eat is a salad?  Does your family and friends think that you aren't getting enough protein?  I'm sure that any vegan that is reading this post has had these questions and assumptions aimed at them.  Just this week, my office went to lunch to celebrate a co-worker leaving. (Did I say celebrate...oops, I meant to say a farewell luncheon)  Anyway, the restaurant that was chosen was a chinese restaurant.  A few of my co-workers assumed that I would get a bowl of veggies and be ok.  I had to inform them, once again, that my raw vegan diet consists of way more interesting things than just a bowl of veggies.  I ended up ordering crispy tofu with broccoli.  Not bad for a non-vegan restaurant.  I could have done without all the excess sodium though.

I am lucky that I have a great support system.  My hubby is excellent.  He eats most things that I prepare and he will even go to my favorite vegan restaurants.  Also my BFF is a great supporter of my diet.  Most of my co-workers are supportive and even interested in the things that I eat.  My boss, who I will call Mr. Small (Sex and the City lover that I am...the opposite of Mr. Big) gives me so much grief about my diet.  He's calmed down a bit, but in the beginning he would get angry when we talked about it.   I never started the conversation, he always did and he just can not understand why I would choose to eat this way.  I think it's pretty funny.  I received some words of wisdom from one of my patients,  "Don't worry about what's on someone else's plate".  So true!    Most of the patients that I share my lifestyle with are intrigued and interested.   I  don't walk around with a shirt that says  "I'm a VEGAN"...well, Most days I don't. (smiles)
The reason I decided to blog about this is because if it were not for my Twitter Vegan Family, I would be the only vegan that I know.  Granted I have never met any of them, I feel that we have a little community of vegans and we communicate with each other regularly.  I just hope that all the lonely vegans out there have as good of a support system as I really makes everything easier!

Question:  Are you the only vegan in your household? If so, are your friends and family supportive???

And remember to Make it With Love

Monday, May 23, 2011

And the winner is.....

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway.  I wish I could share this kick ass sauce with all of you!!!!  The lucky person is Jennifer.  So Jennifer email your address to me at, and I will have your UncleBrutha's sauce mailed to you for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.
Thanks to all and remember to "Make it with Love"!!!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Going Raw...Where to Start???

Thinking of eating raw for 7 days, 10 days or even 30 days but don't know where to start?  This has been asked of me on numerous occasions.   I will be doing another 30 days 100% raw beginning June 1.  The reason for this blog is to help with anyone interested in joining me whether it be for 7 days, 10 days or for the whole 30 days.  Today I will post some of the staple ingredients on my shopping list.  When I first went raw the only appliance I owned was a blender.  I later added a food processor.  Both of these are good to have to create your meals.  If I had to choose between the two I would say the blender is a must!  I use my blender every morning for smoothies.
First I'll start with my shopping list.  These are the items that I started my raw food challenge with and I continue to by them regularly.  Most of my shopping is done at Trader Joe's.

Raw shopping list
Agave (sweetener)
Nama Shoyu (raw soy sauce)  Trader Joe's does not sell this
Sea Salt
Cold Pressed Olive Oil
Toasted Sesame Oil (not raw)
Kelp Noodles (Trader Joe's does not sell this)
Fresh garlic
2 bunches of fresh kale for Kale Salad(Trader Joe's does not sell this) Whole Foods 

Fresh Spinach
Green Onions
Raw Almonds
Raw Cashews
Fruits for smoothies (I buy frozen):
Bananas (peeled and frozen)
Almond Milk (I like Vanilla flavored)

Hope this helps!  
If you haven't already, check out GuRaw's Facebook page.  There's a wealth of information there!  Please don't  hesitate to ask questions.  If there's a recipe you want me to post, just ask!  Because, as Diana Stobo says, "Sharing is Sexy".
Make it with love!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a great Mother's Day today! Hubby took me to Cafe Green for their delicious brunch.  Hubby had the banana pancakes and he said that they were delicious!!!!

He also had the potato smothered with chili cheese sauce...Loved them too!
I had the breakfast good!  First time I've had the tofu scramble.  It was ok, didn't love it, but ok.
And of course bottomless mimosa's...with fresh squeezed orange refreshing!
After the yummy brunch that we had we made a stop at Hello Cupcake and got dessert!  These are the best cupcakes in the area, and they have vegan cupcakes which are fantastic!  Vegan carrot cake cupcake was the vegan cupcake today!  so tasty!!!!!
After all of that delicious food, Hubby and I stopped at Gold's Gym and bought memberships for the both of us!!! YAAAAY US!!!!  No more yoga in the bedroom!!!!  Geared up and ready for this!!!! Got my workout bag packed!!!!

My daughter was going to take me to my other favorite restaurant for dinner, Great Sage , but after all the food I ate earlier I had to get a raincheck.   We'll go another time.

I must mention before I close that you check out my previous post because I have a giveaway going on!!!!  Giving away some of the best hot sauce on the planet!  Be sure and check it out!!!!

My First Giveaway!!!

Anyone who follows me on Twitter and my Facebook friends know that I love UncleBrutha's hot sauce.  It's the best damn hot sauce on the planet.  I'm not saying this because I know the man that created it I'm saying this because it's true.  I want to share this deliciousness with you!!!!  And it's all natural and  vegan!!!!

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So, what will you win and how long is this contest.  You will win UncleBrutha's  All Natural No.9 Chile Verde, Garlic & Ginger and No.10 Four Chilies & Garlic Hot Sauce, and the contest will end May 22,  just in time to have the hot sauce shipped for your Memorial Day cookouts!!!
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Stay tuned for another Raw Food Challenge coming soon! This one is 30 days, so get your mind right!!!
If you are ready to change your life this challenge is for you...more details to follow!!!