Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Vegan is a Vegan...right???

First of all I would like to say how good I feel after finishing up 10 days 100% raw!!!   "C" completed the challenge and he feels great too!!! Not sure if he will be a vegan, but I do know that his eating has changed and will continue to change...Thanks "C" for the continue support.

The reason for the above title...I posted this video on Facebook and Twitter with the hopes that it would make people think a little about the foods they eat and how changing could heal their bodies.  Maybe someone could have an "ah ha" moment.
Posting this video got me thinking...Does Bill Clinton becoming vegan for his health and weight loss make him any less of a vegan...I mean, some people become vegan because of their love for animals.  I became vegan for my health, initially, and through this journey I began reading and became more aware of the treatment of animals for human consumption and now I could not and would not eat another piece of meat or any animal product for that matter.  
Veganism, to me, is about being compassionate...towards animals and humans alike.  I will not push my views on anyone.  If someone asks questions then I will answer.  If someone asks me why I became vegan then I will answer, but If I'm with someone eating meat I'm not going to judge them.  If someone becomes vegan to lose weight, to heal themselves of a health condition or to just feel better...Hurray for them...A Vegan is a Vegan to more person on my team
That's how I see it.

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