Wednesday, March 16, 2011

10 days 100% RAW!!!! Bring. It. On.

Hello folks!  Tomorrow is the beginning of the March Madness 10 day Raw Food Challenge!!!! And guess who's joining me???   My hubby  "C" has jumped aboard the "rawk star train" 100% raw food challenge.  I am so proud of him.   He has actually been doing very well with his eating.  He is by no means a vegan, but he can go a week without eating meat, no problem.  Thank God for Gardein products.  He eats them with no problem.  He is out, as I type this, searching for his "last non-vegan non-raw meal" before this challenge begins.  All the while I have been preparing a few of my raw food staples for the rest of this work week.  I usually keep things pretty simple during the work week and use my weekends for trying new things.  This weekend I plan on sprouting quinoa...
Kale Salad...Anyone who has read my blog or seen a post on my Facebook page knows that I love kale salad...I eat kale almost everyday!  Not only is it delicious but it has oh so many nutrients.  Anyone doing this raw food challenge needs to incorporate kale into their daily meals.  It's nutritious and very filling!  Another standard salad that I have in my fridge is a carrot and apple salad.  This salad can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner... Easy to make and yummy for the tummy!!!
Kelp either love them or you hate them.  I love them and I will be eating them during this challenge!  Thai style...
Another food that I have grown to love is Tahini...I make a dressing that is absolutely good on everything!

One of my husbands stipulations of this challenge was that I had to prepare his lunch the way that I prepare mine...So that I did!

So, I  hope that this information helps anyone who is interested in this challenge or changing their eating habits... I have added more recipes to the blog also.

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  1. I made a carrot and parsley salad a few weeks ago which was pretty good. Like to try the carrot and apple salad from your post - looks amazing. Oh yes, perhaps one day I'll get to the kelp...looks interesting. Love your pictures.