Monday, February 7, 2011

Conquered my Fear of the Collard Wrap

Weird title I know, but hopefully someone out there understands where I am coming from.   Since I started my new raw lifestyle I have been very open minded and have tried lots of new foods loving most of them.  Kale salad was a fear that I overcame pretty early on.  I grew up eating kale greens that had been cooked so much that the color was a dull green.  Now I eat it raw!  I was very skeptical of the raw kale at first, now it is a staple in my fridge.   I eat it just about every day.  My skepticism was greater with the collard.  I have been raw/vegan for over 4 months now and I figured it was time to get over myself and eat a collard wrap so that is what I did.

After about an hour of looking at You Tube videos on how to make a collard wrap I decided that my time had come...

Not a perfect wrap but that will come with time.  I filled it with romaine, corn, tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, tempeh and avocado ranch dressing...

It was delicious!!!! I will fix this again.  It was so good that I ate one and a half.  Hubby ate the other half.   Another fear conquered!!!!!   Not a big fear but nonetheless a fear!!!!

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  1. Those tomatoes look great for this time of year!

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