Sunday, January 30, 2011

Great Foodie Weekend

What a fun filled foodie weekend this has been.  My weekend actually started a day early because of the snow storm that we had Wednesday evening.

With that snow storm I also lost power and did not have to work Thursday.   Some time Thursday afternoon the power came back.  Went to one of my favorite restaurants, Great Sage,  to eat and have coffee Thursday morning since I had no power.  Love the atmosphere of this place and the food is great too.  I had the Southwest Ranch"Bacon" wrap...delish!!!!

On Friday I met a couple of co-workers for food shopping at Korean Korner and lunch at a Vegan restaurant called Yuan Fu.  It was my first time there and it was delicious!!!!  We ordered 3 entrees and 1 appetizer.  And I must say that we devoured all of the food.  It was delicious!!!
 Minced veggie lettuce wraps
Pineapple "Chicken"...great presentation!

Notice the Wendy's cup in the background.  My co-workers son had Wendy's burger, fries and frosty.  We almost got in "trouble" for bringing meat into a Vegan restaurant be he destroyed the evidence quickly...oops!  Above is Crispy Orange "Chicken".
Mushrooms and basil...scrumptious!
Great food and great friends. It's nice to work with people that you actually enjoy being around.

And on Saturday, I made vegan pancakes for the very first time.
I enjoyed, hubby not so much.  I think he'll stick to the "regular" pancakes.
Also enjoyed Vegan Pizza Day which I blogged about earlier.

Spent this morning in the kitchen preparing food for the work week.  Chopping, slicing, marinating etc...
Green smoothie for breakfast and 2 large glasses of water with lemon.  Lunch was marinated cucumber, tomato, and watercress salad with a scoop of "tuna" salad.
And for dinner a little quinoa pasta with marinated veggies and sun-dried tomato marinara.

Whew!  After all this good eating I did this weekend it will be green smoothies and kale salad all week for me!  Yoga too!!!

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