Sunday, December 5, 2010

Inspired to Blog

Happy Sunday to you!  I have been asked by several people, "Why don't you blog anymore".  I thought that after the challenge no one would be interested in what I had to say.  I really wasn't sure if anyone was really reading my blogs.  I am happy to say that my Raw Food journey has inspired some of my friends and family to evaluate their eating habits.  So, it's all good!  I am still eating raw.  Still feeling great!!!  No regrets.  I have incorporated some cooked food into my diet.  I am very very picky about the cooked foods that I eat.  If nothing else the Raw Food Challenge taught me to be aware of the foods and drinks that I put into my body.  I am 100% off meat, dairy and sugar.  Still having my one cup of coffee per day.  I drink maybe one glass of wine per week, if that.  Not really having the cravings that I used to have.

Falafels, Quinoa, Quinoa Pasta and Ezekiel Sprouted Bread are now staples in my house.  Those are the main things that I have incorporated into my mostly raw diet.

What have I been up to since I last blogged??  Well, I went to NYC for Thanksgiving.
First stop when we arrived in this gorgeous city was "Virgil's Barbecue".  My husbands absolute favorite place to eat in NYC.  I ate there last year when we were there.  He ordered his favorite...wings and hush puppies.  Now, here is where the actual "challenge" begins.  What will I eat??? I was hungry too, we had been on the road for about 6 hours, granted I packed some fruit and nuts but I needed a meal.  Lucky for me they actual had a "big"salad on the menu and that is what I order.  Mustard vinaigrette dressing on the side of course.  At that moment in my life that was the best salad I had ever had...I was hungry and it satisfied...

I packed a cooler full of raw foods for me to eat during my stay in NYC.  Made a large Kale salad for Thanksgiving dinner and it was the most colorful dish on the table...
And was enjoyed by all.  One thing that I must say is that you must be prepared with the foods that you can eat so as not to be frustrated or tempted to eat what you normally would not eat.   My Thanksgiving dinner was kale salad, vegan mashed potatoes and butternut squash gravy...

Not sure if I mentioned this before but I wanted to go to a raw food restaurant while in NYC.  Researched online and found one that I wanted to visit called "Raw Soul".  And it did not disappoint.
My husband and cousin went with me and we ordered 3 entree's and 3 desserts.  I also ordered something to go.  I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and so did my family.  We had raw pizza, raw lasagna and raw quiche.  I think the quiche was the least favorite of all three...
I had never had raw "dessert" before so I was interested in trying that too.  We had cheesecake, pecan pie and cinnamon rolls...
                                                                        pecan pie
                                                                  cinnamon rolls

All were delicious.  We were very satisfied after leaving that restaurant.  I met one of the owners and purchased a book...
This book is full of recipes and information.  I was sad to learn that they are closing this restaurant in December.  They are moving to New Mexico...the mecca of spirituality.  Maybe one day I can have some Raw Soul in New Mexico.  It was a satisfying raw experience for me.

Since that trip I had not eaten out at a restaurant until this weekend.  Friday I attended a dental seminar.  Before lunch I spoke with someone and explained that I did not eat meat.  I asked for a "big" salad for myself and another co-worker who was doing the 7-day Raw Food Challenge.  They brought us a couple of vegetarian dishes...cooked mushroom stacks with lentils and green beams.  I tasted the veggies on the plate and decided to just eat 2 side salads.  My taste buds have definitely changed.  The veggies on the plate tasted very bland and too soft.  That dish they they served us inspired me to make something for myself.  A raw mushroom stack with marinated veggies...
And it was delicious...Had another restaurant outing to attend today.  PfChangs was the restaurant for this gathering of Birthday Club ladies.  I went online and looked at their menu.  Decided that I would order Shanghai cucumber(raw) and  Sichuan style asparagus.  Also looked at the sodium content of these items...743mg and 730mg respectively...WOW!  Drinking lots of water as I type this...

I think that if dining with friends at a restaurant that cannot accommodate your eating lifestyle it's best to eat before you go and order a salad at the restaurant.  Usually the reason for dining with friends is to socialize anyway...This is just how I will deal when these times arise.

Still no regrets.  I'm just trying to come up with recipes that are simple and don't require too many ingredients.  I think that another reason people decide to go back to their old eating habits is because many of the recipes require way too many ingredients.   I'm trying to keep it simple and I will share what I come up with...Stay Tuned!!!


  1. love the food pictures! looks delicious.

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