Friday, October 8, 2010

Raw Food Challenge...Day 8

Ending day 8.  Today was a pretty boring day for me food wise.  I don't work on Fridays therefore I'm not as organized with my meals.  I must mention that a strange thing happened to me today though.  I was drinking my one cup of coffee that I allow myself every morning and realize half way through it that I didn't want any more.  That has never happened to me before.  It was very abnormal to feel that way.  I actually poured a half cup of coffee down the sink...what is going on here????  This raw food has me pouring coffee down the sink...crazy huh???  Next thing you know I'll be giving away my cork screw....

At any rate...for breakfast I had yet another smoothie.  Mixed it up a bit this time.  Strawberry, banana, chocolate almond milk and raw almond butter.   Made one for my hubby too.  We both enjoyed!

Lunch was a salad with butter lettuce and vegetables with olive oil dressing made with lemon, garlic and sea salt.  It was satisfying.  Not exciting but satisfying.   Again, drank lots of water.  Learning to enjoy my water with lemons wedges.  I understand that it flushes out the toxins.

Dinner was an apple with raw almond butter...Today's dinner was kind of a struggle.  Didn't know what to eat.  I was reminded of something that the "Guraw" said...Keep it simple.  She is my motivation and inspiration.  Check out her website...

Tomorrow I hope to make a trip to this grocery store called "Roots".  From looking at their website I understand that they have a "raw food" section.  Should be interesting.

Again, I have been thinking about what I miss.  This is what I miss.

My wok! I had just purchased this wok about 2 months ago and I was using it everyday.  I truly enjoyed cooking and creating meals in this baby!  Miss the warmth of food in my mouth too...haha!!!

And did I mention that I walked 2 miles today and did 10 minutes of weights!   8 days down 22 to go!

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