Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 7 complete: Raw Food Challenge

This is the beginning of Day 8 of my Raw Food Challenge.  Completed day 7 without much difficulty.  Had the normal smoothie for breakfast.  This time with strawberry, banana and vanilla flavored almond milk.
Lunch was a repeat from yesterday.  Still satisfying to me.  Haven't gotten bored with the foods I have discovered yet.  One thing that worries me is getting bored with  the recipes and the rawness.  So far all is good.  Still feeling good with my decision to do this. Have not been too tempted to cheat.  I know that I lost a few pounds, not sure how much because I do not own a scale.  I've never been one to keep a scale in the house because I can become too obsessive about it.  I think it's best to judge by the way my clothes fit.  Hard for me to judge during the work week because I wear scrubs all week and they are pretty baggy to begin with.  I do know that I feel good and my energy levels don't fall during the work day and after I have my lunch I am not tired.

Worked a long day today.  8:30-7:00 is my schedule on Thursdays and I am usually pooped at the end of my work week.  Today was no different. I was tired and ready to chill.  Came home and made a Guacamole Caesar salad.  Topped it with the leftover marinated veggies and that was dinner!

After I ate my dinner and drank a large glass of water, I was pretty much done for the night.  Did I mention that I stopped at Trader Joes on the way home from work, and yes, I went to the back to see what they were sampling, habit I guess.  Did not partake but I did look.  This raw food lifestyle requires many trips to the supermarket.   Not a complaint, just an observation.   So far so good. 23 days to go!

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