Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 6: Raw Food Challenge

Ending Day Six of this challenge.  I'm still feeling good.  Actually I feel very good.  Woke up this morning and had my single cup of coffee... And I must admit, I truly enjoy that morning cup of coffee.   It is actually amazing to me that I'm surviving with only one cup of coffee...the afternoon blahs are not happening to me lately, so I am not tempted to have more coffee once I get to work.
My morning smoothie consisted of mangoes, banana, and vanilla flavored almond milk...Not much to say about that.  Smoothies are the easy part of this challenge.  Not really able to eat in between meal snacks during the week. Kind of hard to do that with the way my schedule is at work, so my morning smoothie has to last me until lunchtime.  And believe me, by lunchtime I am very hungry.
I could not wait to chow down on this bowl of delicious rawness today!!!  The lettuce taco and the marinated veggies were tasty.  They taste even better after they had been marinating over night.  The
slaw on the lower right  is what I made last night.  Got the recipe from a co-worker.  The ingredient are shredded cabbage, shredded carrots, juice of one lemon, cilantro, pepper, garlic and sea salt.  I will be making this again.

When I got home from work I had an apple with some almond butter and had another lettuce taco, this time put some of the delicious slaw on the taco.  That was it for dinner.

Starting to feel the need for sweets during the day.  I must remember to put some grapes in my lunch bag to combat those craving.  Will definitely do that tomorrow.   Still trying to figure out what I miss if anything.  My weakness is potato chips.  Not just potato chips but these potato chips...Oh how I love them.

Thought I would miss wine, can't believe that I'm not feigning for a glass of wine.  I'm sure before this is over I will be blogging about that.  But honestly, so far so good...6 days down 24 to go...

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