Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 5: Raw Food Challenge

Day 5 is done!!!  Today was kind of an interesting day for me.  It started with a fruit smoothie made with Blueberries, mangoes, banana and almond milk.  It was delicious of course.  I actually love smoothies, just started using Almond Milk and I can not tell the difference.   Notice that I put my smoothie in my coffee cup.  I am drastically decreasing the amount of coffee I have been drinking during this challenge, so I've found another use for my cup!!! (smiles)  One cup of coffee this morning.
I was pretty annoyed with work today, co-worker said it was because I'm eating raw...(doubt that)
I was kinda craving something, couldn't quite decide what it was, so I started thinking to myself..."What do I miss the most so far?" And still I have yet to come up with an answer to that question.  Before this challenge I did eat a lot of hummus, but do I miss it???  I'm sure before these 30 days are over I will have several things that I miss... stay tuned!

This was my lunch, butter lettuce salad(my absolute favorite) with marinated veggies(baby portabella mushrooms, red, yellow and orange peppers, tomatoes, green and white onions, garlic, olive oil, lemon, fresh garlic cilantro with sea salt).  Co-worker commented on the strong garlic smell.  I probably did go a little heavy with the garlic, but I like garlic. I had to brush my teeth and tongue twice after that lunch.    Another commented by saying...that smells that an Italian sub.  haha!!!  Lunch was very fulfilling, did not get hungry.  Worked til 6:30 this evening and I had to make another Trader Joe's stop.  This time I did not go to the back were they sample food...I was a little hungry as this point.  Did not want the temptation. Snacked on my little handy bag of Raw Almonds.

And this was dinner.  I think it should be called a Romaine Lettuce Taco.  Romaine Lettuce filled with guacamole.  It was very good.  Husband and Daughter ate these!!!

Lots of chopping and cutting involved with this challenge.  Thank God my husband is here to make the guacamole for me.  He is the Master of the Guac in this house!!!  He also showed me how to properly use and chop with a knife...Thank you!  Also getting ideas from a co-worker who's 8 year old daughter is a vegetarian.  Tomorrow lunch will be a cabbage slaw!

All in all I feel good about what I am doing.  Have not really been tempted to cheat, because who am I cheating but myself...

Dessert...needs no explanation.


  1. I really enjoyed this! Sounds like Carrie from Sex and the City, lol! Nice

  2. I'm proud of how committed you are to this challenge. If anyone can get it done, I know that you can. Girl that Lettuce Taco with Cirilo's guacamole looked delicious!