Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 4: Raw Food Challenge

Well, I just finished eating my dinner ending day 4 of my challenge.

This morning I made myself a berries, banana, and vanilla flavored almond milk.  I've had this smoothie many times before.  It was good and very fulfilling.  Didn't really get hungry before lunch time rolled around.  Drank a couple of bottles of cucumber water today also.  My first time actually putting cukes in my water...not too bad.

Lunch was a large salad with veggies, and raw almonds.  My regular olive oil dressing was the topping.  Nothing too exciting there.  Sometimes I think it's best to keep it simple.  And I feel with this challenge keeping it simple is not going to be to hard.  Nibbled on the cucumbers that I didn't put in my water for a pre-lunch snack.

Dinner consisted of guacamole stuffed tomatoes and a small salad with marinated mushrooms.  My Hubby made the guacamole, he makes the best guacamole.   Large glass of water.

All in all day four was not much of a struggle.  I'm still feeling good,  just trying to figure out ways to mix it up so that I don't get too bored.   Not missing cooked food too much yet.  It was kinda hard walking into my Trader Joe's today.  My first stop is usually the very back of the store where they do the sampling.  I actually walked back there and had to stop myself...(they were sampling some type of cheese and a rice dish)  smelled very good!  But I did not indulge!

I will admit that I am having one cup of coffee per day.  With this Challenge I am supposed to give up coffee and wine. Give up coffee AND wine...are you kidding me!!!


  1. Well we both know you can't give up your coffee or wine. But let me know how your adventure with this goes. =) xo

  2. I uaed to be a vegetarian when I lived in Europe. Just didn't like the taste of the meat. But when I moved back to the US i tried to eat fish and chicken because I'm really active and needed a few extra calories to burn off. Then I bought this book called Eat Right for your Blood Type which says that a person w/O positive blood type should eat 4 oz of red meat a week to get the proper amount of protein. I'm not a read meat fan at all and still not big on meat since being a vegetarian, but I do try to eat a small amount of red meat evey so often.

    I have no problem eating raw veggies and fruits. I go to the farmer's market to get fresh produce and to the meat market to get fresh meat and seafood. I roast my veggies w/olive oil, a little salt and pepper and I love it. I feel energetic, healthy and not weighted down. I also try to get my fiber in so I eat the vanilla almond special K w/almond milk (silk).

    All that being said, I think u're doing urself a great service. I try to get my husband to follow suit but unlike me, he insists that bacon is a vegetable!