Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 3: Raw Food Challenge

Well, this day is almost over and again, it hasn't been that hard.  I am sure as the days go by it will get more difficult for me.

This is how my day started...going to breakfast with BFF, daughter, god daughter and BFF's niece, who are all meat eaters.  My BFF said that she was going to support my challenge by not eating meat.  She would only eat fish.  Well, today she changed up on me and said that she was going to eat some meat on Sundays, not just meat, but BACON!!!   I must admit that the bacon was looking might tasty.  But after the experience we had the day before with seeing that huge stinky pig, bacon seems a little less appealing to me.  Anyway,  this is my Challenge and I love her for trying to support me.

At the breakfast buffet, I get a bowl of fruit and each of them come back with BACON on their plates along with many other breakfast foods...waffles, omelets, eggs, potatoes, sausage, etc.  And of course the conversation was about my Challenge and how they could not do it.   They were smacking their lips and licking their fingers...all in the name of bacon!!!!   And I just watched and enjoyed my delicious bowl of fresh fruit...

Only had a handful of Almonds for lunch and a bottle of water, Perrier to be exact.  Like I stated in my earlier blog, for some reason I have not been hungry.  After arriving home from Penn State I made myself a delicious salad  with many fresh veggies in it, even sliced an apple and put it in the salad.  Made my dressing with Olive Oil, fresh garlic and lemon juice.  It was very good and fulfilling.  Funny thing is that my daughter said that the dressing smelled so smells like it should be on a piece of meat...smh(no she didn't).


  1. Going to be fun watching this Random Adventure!!!

  2. Funny post! I really enjoy reading your blog entries. I just started reading your post from the beginning. Glad you created Veronica's Random Adventures!