Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 24: Raw Food Challenge

What a day this has been.  The end of day 24!!!  Started my day with my blender going kaput!  Put all the ingredients in it for my Sunday morning smoothie, pressed the "On" button...nothing.  Switched to another outlet, tried again...nothing.  Darn blender decided to die on me.  So the smoothie will be my Monday smoothie...hanging out in the freezer until the new blender arrives!

Probably was the beating that I put on it yesterday trying to make that darn raw hummus, and it wasn't even that tasty.  RIP dear blender you have served me well, especially over this past month.  Thanks to my wonderful husband I have a brand spanking new blender...

So, for breakfast I ate a banana...

Chopped, sliced and marinated a good part of the morning.  A few of the things that I worked on...

Marinated onions, ingredients...lemons, agave, sea salt, red pepper flakes.  Will put some of these atop some Kale salad. (thanks to the Guraw {} for the idea)  Kale salad is very nutritious.  I try to keep a bowl in my fridge all the time.  I like to add different things to it to keep from getting bored with it.  Don't eat it everyday but just about...

Broccoli salad, marinate ingredients...almond butter, lemon juice, garlic, sea salt, pepper, agave, nama shoyu, red pepper.  Once tossed in the marinade I placed them on bean sprouts...Very good.

Ok, this looks kinda weird.  It's tomato soup...Looks weird but it was pretty good.  My daughter even enjoyed a bowl.  Ingredients are...peeled and diced tomatoes, some of the cashew spread that I made a couple of days ago to make the soup creamy, jalapeno, sea salt, pepper and red pepper flakes.  Not sure if I will make it again, just can't see myself craving this. Although is was good.  Having some tomorrow for lunch.

So, those are the things that I created today.  Spent a little time in the kitchen, including the clean up.  I am pretty messy when I am creating.  I am sure that my husband would agree.  Dinner was a little broccoli and my favorite kelp salad...eaten with chopsticks of course...smiles!

Took a 30 minute walk with the hubby!!! Great day...24 days down 6 to go!!!!!

P.S.  Hubby tried the raw hummus, said it tastes weird...I agree!


  1. I'll have to go read a few of the older pages - this seems like a really interesting process.

  2. thanks for reading! It is interesting and life changing.