Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 23: Raw Food Challenge

One week left...7 days to go.  Why did I decide to do this challenge????  The main reason is for my health and well being.  I needed to find the woman that I felt I had lost somewhere along this road we call life.  I hadn't felt like myself in quite sometime. I needed to take control again and this is how I felt I could do it.  I am proud to say that this challenge has done exactly what I needed it to do.  What am I going to do after this challenge is done.  Well, I have decided that I will no longer be eating meat and no longer will I eat dairy...that is my decision.  I actually stopped thinking of this as a challenge about a week ago.  I can't image why I would go back to my old eating and drinking habits.

I understand that I may not be able to go to the same restaurants that I used to go and I definitely won't be able to order the same things.  This will take some getting used to.  There will also be some people in my life that will not be supportive of my lifestyle change. 

The book, "The China Study", suggests that for whatever reasons, many people find it threatening when you are a vegetarian or vegan.  Perhaps it is because, deep down, they know that their diet isn't very healthy and find it threatening that someone else is able to give up unhealthy eating habits when they cannot.

I remember speaking earlier of this book, "The China Study".  I finished that book this morning.  It has helped me a lot in my decision.  The book taught me that genes do not determine disease on their own.  Genes function only by being activated, or expresses, and nutrition plays a critical role in determining which genes, good and bad, are expressed.

In the long term plant-based diets are cheaper than animal based diets.  I'm still in the beginning stages therefore I'm spending a little more because I am still trying things out.  It's worth it to me.

Ok, now the hummus...

This is what my chickpeas looked like after soaking for 24 hours.  They did plump up a bit.  They were ready for me to make hummus out of them. So thats what I did!

The end result was just OK to me.  It actually tastes raw, is the best way to explain it.  I'm going to eat and enjoy it but I won't be making it again.  I put all the ingredients in the blender...first mistake.  Definitely need a food processor for this.   Bottom line, I love my hummus from Trader Joe's...

and that is where I will get it.  This delicious hummus will waiting for me at the end of this challenge.
23 days done 7, yes I said 7 to go!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Lynne, when i make chummus (rarely) i also add sesame paste, called tehina. it makes it creamier. but i also love Trader Joe's and we ate exactly yours pictured ... cilantro and jalapeno today at lunch with my challah!

  2. I did add Tahini. I think the fact that the chickpeas were soaked for 24 hours and not cooked made the difference. I will buy my hummus from Trader Joe's. I was trying out a raw recipe...and it killed my blender. :-( Thanks!