Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 19: Raw Food Challenge

Day 19 done!!!  Wow, I remember when I started this challenge.  On day one I couldn't wait until day ten.  Day ten I was looking forward to day twenty, and tomorrow is day twenty!!!  Some people say that 21 days of doing the same thing makes it a habit.  Wonder how true that is?  I guess I will find out soon...

Breakfast smoothie...mango, banana, almonds and almond milk.  It was just ok to me.  Mangos and almonds just didn't do it for me.  Won't do that again.

Lunch was delicious and I was so hungry that I dug into it without taking a picture.  This is the best I could do once I remembered...There was kale salad, marinated carrots and avocado salad...yummy!!!

The best part of my lunch was that I took some kale salad and marinated carrots to work for some of my co-workers to sample and they loved it!  Taking more tomorrow!!!   I love that my friends and co-workers are supporting me and embracing change.  They call me Raw Hide at work...too funny!

Dinner was a Big Salad...that's all!  Still not sure were this journey is taking me or what I will do at the end of it.  I think I'll be glad when it's done because the word "Challenge" won't be attached to all of my days now.  Maybe I'll just live a Raw day!  Day 19 done, 11 days to go!!!!!

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