Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 18: Raw Food Challenge

Happy Happy Monday!!!!  Started the day with a 2 mile walk/run(need some new walking/running shoes). Had a blueberry, banana and almond milk smoothie.  Loving this fall weather.  Mondays are not the same as they used to be, pretty much every day is not the same.

Lunch was a bowl of kale salad...that's all.  As I have said previously kale salad is very filling.  Snacked on raw almonds.  After work made a stop at Trader Joe's...surprised???  Had to pick up some veggies and things.  Came home and chopped, diced, marinated, smashed...etc.

Dinner...marinated carrots, lettuce tacos, marinated mushrooms with tomatoes.  Drank lemon water today!  I am looking for a recipe for raw hummus.  That is the one thing that I truly miss.  There are a few other recipes that I will be working on over the weekend.

Got my lunch packed for tomorrow...Day 18 done, 12 days to go!!!

P.S.  Me, a vegan????? hmmmmm!


  1. Looks delicious! Keep going Veronica. I'm learning a lot. Not quite enough to go raw myself but enough to support you. Check out this link for Raw recipes: