Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 16: Raw Food Challenge

Day 16 done!!! The mold outside on the leave have my sinuses going crazy today.  Aside from that today was a great day!!!  Actually skipped breakfast today.  When I have sinus drainage I really don't have an appetite.  Ate some of my spicy thai kelp noodles around noon time!  Went to the mall this morning to visit my end of the challenge reward and she is marvelous!!!!  Actually went to get a case for my iPhone...not sure if I mentioned before but I got the iPhone 4, kinda as a halfway mark reward!  Love it!!!

Made some fresh salsa today.  First time ever making salsa and I must say that it was very good.  Not quite as spicy as I like but it was good.

Wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with this salsa.  Thought about maybe putting some on top of my kale salad until my good friend Diane asked if I was going to use it like I do the guacamole on the lettuce tacos...bammm!  That's what I did and it was perfect!!!  Thanks Di for the recommendation!
Also finished the remainder of the kelp salad and made another Kale salad using a different type of Kale.  Can't wait to taste tomorrow.

Went to visit Diane today as her niece got dressed for homecoming and she made me a raw food tray!  So sweet of her!!!

All in all day 16 was a piece of cake, or should I say a piece of cupcake...

My daughter made these today, and I actually helped.  They smelled great!  It's ok to enjoy the smell of things and not partake of them.  Day 16 done 14 days to go...

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