Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 15:Raw Food Challenge

Half way through this challenge.  All down hill from here!!!  Today is Friday, the beginning of the weekend.  Weekends are much different than the work week... No schedule to follow, no specific time for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Tried my best to stay on schedule and not skip any meals.  This morning had a smoothie...surprised???  Strawberry, banana, raw almond butter and chocolate almond milk.  Didn't have the smoothie until about 11:00am.

Lunch was at 2:30...

Leftovers from last night.  Tastier because they have been marinating over night.  Snacked on a apple in between.

I've started reading this book and it is very interesting.  Because I am going through this challenge and feeling the way that I do I am very interested in what this book has to say.  It talks about how Americans, who's diets are meat based have a higher percentage of cancers as opposed to China, who's meals are vegetable based.  Very interesting.


Added a few tomatoes to my kale salad.  One thing I know is that I prefer my food room temperature  than right out of the refrigerator.  Just thought I would share that tidbit. (smiles)

When I first began this challenge, this is the day that I set my eye to.  Day 15, half way mark.  As I have said before, I feel great.  I can tell a change in my clothes. Also when I look at myself in the mirror,   I see a definite change.  All is good!  15 days down, 15 to go!!!

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