Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 14: Raw Food Challenge

Another raw day under my belt.  Honestly this doesn't feel like a challenge anymore. The real challenge is coming up with different recipes and fun ways to keep it exciting.  Sometimes I have to keep reminding myself to keep it simple...

Today's breakfast was a smoothie(of course).  Banana, mango, strawberry with Sugar free Almond milk.
Didn't snack between breakfast and lunch.  Like I said yesterday, romaine lettuce and guacamole tacos were my lunch along with an apple and some raw almond butter...very satisfying and did not get hungry before dinnertime.  Water with lime was my drink of the day!

Thankful for my support system...Thanks to my good friend and fellow hygienist, Jennifer, for getting lemons, apples and Agave for me at Costco. (hope she is OK with me mentioning her name)  Love you girl!

Thanks to my wonderful husband for going shopping for me at Roots Market today.  Getting all the stuff I now love...kale, kelp and nama shoyu.  He is the best and his support means the world to me.


Tonight I made spicy thai kelp noodles and mixed veggies.  Yummy!!! I wish the noodles were much spicier.  It was good though.  I will attempt to make spicier noodles next time.

Made yet another trip to Trader Joe's after work.  I think with the things that Jennifer and my husband picked up for me in addition to the items from Trader Joe's, I may be good for the entire weekend.  Day 14 done, 16 days to go!!!!

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