Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 13:Raw Food Challenge

The end of day 13.   This challenge is becoming easier to me, actually less of a challenge.  Didn't take a smoothie with me to work today...big mistake!!!!  Got hungry 2 hours after being at work.  I did take a banana and a plum with me so that saved me.  Note to self...take smoothie everyday even if you're not hungry.  Lunch was delicious!
Butter lettuce, 'shrooms(that was for you hubby...haha!), raw almonds, apples and my version of raspberry dressing(fresh raspberries, olive oil, water, lemon, garlic, splash of agave{not too much}).  That salad was delicious to me.  Not sure if it was because I was hungry from not eating breakfast or if it was just really good!  Maybe a little of both.

Dinner was a repeat of an old favorite,  romaine lettuce and guacamole taco's.  Thanks to my husband for making the best guacamole ever!!!  Hot and spicy....and raw!  Those will be lunch tomorrow too!!!

Almost midway through this challenge,  I know that i have mentioned this before but I do feel great!  I'm starting to feel that this as less of a challenge and more of a choice.  My main focus now is mixing things up so that it doesn't get too repetitive.  I am accepting the fact that I will be making more trips to to super market because everything that I eat is now fresh...can't complain about that.  Some things are now a staple in my life..lemons, olive oil, garlic(the raw food trinity).

Didn't believe it when I first read how going raw affects all aspects of your life but it truly does.  I am looking forward to what is in store these next couple of weeks...what recipes can I create?  How much better can I feel?  How loose can my clothes get!!!  (smiles)  Day 13 done, 17 days to go!!!!

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