Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 12: Raw Food Challenge

End of Day 12 and I am feeling good.  Breakfast was a smoothie. Hubby had one too.    I didn't finish all of it and drank the rest as a snack later.  Lunch was a salad with marinated veggies and a plum.  Sounds like a repeat from yesterday...

One of the hygienist that I work with  had a surprise for me today...

She put cucumbers in her water...haha!  Enjoy it girl!!!!  Does a body good!!!!

Most of my day was spent trying to figure out something new for dinner, since I had to stop a Trader Joe's after work anyway.  Wanted to do a spinach salad so I was racking my brain to figure out a way to make a raspberry dressing.  Fresh raspberries and olive oil and something else... Just couldn't figure out how to sweeten it.

Went to Trader Joe's, grabbed my items, walked around and found this!

I was totally happy, got my raspberries, spinach, and more lemons and of course garlic...and this is what I created and I have to say that is was exactly what I needed!  Very satisfying!!!

I know me and I know that unless I can continue to create different things I will get bored and annoyed.  Finding that sweetener opens a whole new list of things I can create.  Excited------->me!!!!!
Day 12 down 18 days to go!!!!!!


  1. Good Job! Glad you found a new item for your arsenal! The time seems to be flying by for your challenge!!!!

  2. Good stuff.... Just watch the calories in the sweetner.