Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 11: Raw Food Challenge

Another Raw day under my belt and I feel great!!!  Breakfast was a smoothie(mango and banana), made one for the hubby too.  Lunch was leftovers from the weekend, kale salad with Kelp noodles and a plum.   I am finding that is takes less food to satisfy me, much less.   Today is Monday and I am usually grumpy and tired on Monday's.  This Monday I had energy as if it were Thursday, and everyone knows that I love Thursday!!!   It's kinda hard for me to explain how I am feeling.  I feel wide awake all day.

I have been thinking about what can I reward myself with after I complete this challenge, and I will complete this challenge.  I saw my reward this weekend and she is lovely!!!!!   Will talk more about that when the end gets closer

Everyone is asking me..."So, what are you going to do when the 30 days are done?'.  I honestly don't know.  I do know that I am loving the way I feel and there is nothing that I can think of eating that is worth losing this feeling.  I doubt that I will be 100% raw but I can guarantee that I will not eat the way I did before this or eat the things that I did before this challenge.  I am feeling too good and I am loving theses results.

This was my dinner, the last of the kale salad with marinated mushrooms.  Not a lot on the plate but like I said earlier, doesn't take much to satisfy me.  And the hubby ate the same thing.   I am thankful for his and the rest of my families support!  Below was his dinner plate.  We ate with chopsticks...we so crazy!!!

My husband coined the phrase "Raw Food Trinity" because most of the food that I am fixing I am using olive oil, garlic and lemon as my base marinade and adding additional seasonings accordingly.  So, my raw food trinity is..olive oil, garlic and lemon...LOL!  It's so true though. 11 days done, 19 to go!!!!!

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